Maximize Your Potato Production Potential with Drip Irrigation As a potato grower, there is great opportunity to improve your overall production by increasing productivity with drip irrigation. Potatoes have shallow root systems and are highly susceptible to damage and disease from over or under watering.  Getting the right amount of water and fertilizer to the […]



Higher Value Onion Crop Production Onions have a relatively small and shallow root system. This means that the relevant area to be irrigated and fertilized is quite narrow and close to the plant itself. Actually, most of the field is irrelevant when it comes to inputs like water and nutrients. This is what makes drip […]

Olives (Oil)

Olives oil

Time for Change. A Better Way for Olive Oil Production. A modern olive plantation looks and is managed quite differently than a traditional one. Traditional olive plantations contain just 100 trees/ha. More modern plantations typically average 200–300 trees/ha. However, new Super High Density (SDH) olive plantations can contain over 2000 trees/ha. In order to produce […]



Get Higher Returns and Increased Productivity from your Nut Orchards with Drip Irrigation Nuts are one of the fastest growing segments in farming with the growing awareness of their health benefits across the globe. Nuts also have a longer shelf life which leads to more consistent prices throughout the year. These factors drive more demand, […]



Maximize Hemp Production with Drip Irrigation Interest in industrial hemp production has increased worldwide, particularly in the United States following the passage of the Federal Farm Bill in 2018 which made industrial hemp legal to grow as an agricultural commodity. This versatile plant can be grown for fiber, seed or flower and can be applied […]



Achieve higher cotton yields while saving water Drip irrigation is an important way to help conserve water, use less fertilizer and save on labor in order to increase yield and profit. With drip irrigation, you can achieve a higher cotton yield with much less water use than any other irrigation method. We are talking 20 […]


Increase Corn/Maize Crop Yield and Reduce Production Costs with Drip Irrigation There are almost as many new corn varieties as there are stars in the sky. Each new variety brings high yield potential, but all varieties require water and nutrition to realize this potential. To achieve the potential of your corn crop, you need to […]


Our water solution to Maximize Your Banana Crop’s Growth Potential Bananas are extremely sensitive to drought and inconsistent rainfall. Even in tropical areas with high rainfall, supplementary irrigation is still required. They also require large amounts of fertilizer.  A well-designed irrigation system comprised of drip and micro irrigation solutions plus fertigation will ensure you achieve precision […]


The global demand for avocado is still on the rise and new markets are opening. It is clear that this is one of the most profitable crops today. In some areas, the avocado is called “the green gold” for the substantial profit it brings. However, growing avocado outside the tropics without an irrigation system is […]

Apples & Pears

Orchard farming techniques have evolved and today, they are planted in denser rows that are closer together leading to shallow and crowded root systems. To produce high quality, large fruit that will be accepted by high value markets, you need to use the best farm and irrigation practices. As fruit size is extremely dependent on […]