Time for Change. A Better Way for Olive Oil Production.

A modern olive plantation looks and is managed quite differently than a traditional one.

Traditional olive plantations contain just 100 trees/ha. More modern plantations typically average 200–300 trees/ha. However, new Super High Density (SDH) olive plantations can contain over 2000 trees/ha.

In order to produce with higher density tree planting, seasonal rains just won’t cut it! This kind of plantation requires an advanced irrigation system.

Trees are reliant on every dripper to provide sufficient water and injected nutrients. As each tree will only have a limited number of drippers, high-quality drip lines along with excellent hydraulic design is paramount to protect a farmer’s investment.

Verodrip has the experience and expertise to deliver high performance irrigation systems, from olive plantations ranging from standard olive plantations, through to Super High Density (SHD) olive plantations.