Higher Value Onion Crop Production

Onions have a relatively small and shallow root system. This means that the relevant area to be irrigated and fertilized is quite narrow and close to the plant itself. Actually, most of the field is irrelevant when it comes to inputs like water and nutrients. This is what makes drip irrigation ideal for onion cultivation. When using drip irrigation for onion, only the row itself is irrigated saving on water and fertilizers.

Furthermore, improve your onion crop by harnessing the advanced technology of ultra-low flow (ULF) drip irrigation.

Only in recent years, companies like Rivulis, have launched ULF drip technology. These new and revolutionary drippers can emit very small volumes of water with flow rates as low as 0.25 liter per hour (0.66 gph). The use of Ultra Low Flow drippers enables longer irrigation durations, agronomic benefits (avoiding anoxia and enabling better nutrient uptake), while minimizing leaching of valuable water and fertilizers.